19.09.2009 - Bangkok



Have you ever thought of or tried just hanging a gyro off of a video camera and shooting
from a car, boat, helicopter or airplane? You might even consider hanging the camera and
gyro assembly from a bungee to make it easier to support. That's how I got started doing
aerial video and the results were not what I expected, in fact they were poor. If I was only
looking for a few marginally stabilized very very short clips I might have arrived at my
solution. There are some portable mounts that have a support that is extended to the seat
or floor of the vehicle and you balance with your hands. Your hands and the support post
are a connection to the helicopter or vehicle and zooming in will transmit that motion to
your footage. Please read the next section to understand why the patented technology of
the ATM & LSG-2 work so well to stabilize motion.


The main concept of the ATM & LSG-2 Stabilization System is that they allows the vehicle,
boat or helicopter to move around the camera which remains almost stationary due to
gyroscopic effects. If you watch the video of the "SUV Bouncing" (link below) it appears
that the camera and stabilization system are jumping all over the place. It is really the SUV
that is doing most of the moving and the gyros are helping the camera to minimize any
motion. The camera and gyros are independent of the vehicle and allowed to float in
space. The operator is gently tweaking the direction of the camera very gently with their
finger tips. They are not solidly gripping the mount. Now lets go back and take a look at
any mount that requires you to hold and steer it. You become the link between the motion
of the vehicle and the camera system. The more you try to control the camera the more it
becomes part of the vehicle it is riding in or on. If the camera is not independent of the
vehicle and floating free it will not remain stable for very long. The Aerial Exposures ATM
& LSG-2 Stabilization Systems uses patented technology and are the only low cost mount
available that produces the kind of footage you would expect from a system costing
hundreds of thousands of dollars. The "SUV Bouncing" video is the most dramatic
demonstration I could record to show The LSG-2 in action.



 Speed GT

  Ganz neue Möglichkeiten bietet der "Speed GT", das Kamerafahrzeug für besonders hohe Geschwindigkeiten und dynamische Fahrsituationen. Der Speed ist ein echtes High-speed Kamerafahrzeug das sich auf Rennstrecken agil und kraftvoll duch Kurven führen läst und keine Autobahn-Seekuh. Über 320 PS sorgen für eine Spitzengeschwindigkeit von bis zu 275 km/h.