Admiral KS-8
The Admiral has been developed to provide Ken-Lab's simplified stabilization for camera
equipment in the 8 to 12 pound range. Through the use of heavy metal tungsten wheels the
effect of two KS-6 units is achieved in a standard KS-6 housing, with no increase in running
power required. This is our most powerful unit to date.

Size: 3.4" - 8,6 cm diameter x 5.8" - 14,7 cm long
Weight: 5.13 lbs - 2,3 Kg (82 oz.)
Power: 115 volts, 400 Hz, 26 watts starting with 11 watts running after 4 minutes. 3 hours
running on a fully charged KP-6 Power pack.
Panning Rate: 30 degrees per second

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