The company CCP takes its name directly from the aims and scope of its field of business:

Camera Car Platforms

This means cars without compromise! – work tools, developed specifically and purpose-built for filming. Using CCP’s own undercarriage components, a whole range of vehicles can be created which truly deserve the name „camera car„.

As a one-stop full-service company in moving shots, CCP sees itself as makers of real camera cars.

CCP is a specialist: state of the art technology, continual developments and finding structural and technical solutions researching innovative possibilities in vehicle structure and technical solutions make. As such the company is customer-oriented and aims to lead the way in innovative technical solutions for camera cars.

We employ qualified skilled personnel with HGV license, grip training and camera car driving experience round off this ideal.

Our ideal is further reflected our competitive pricing (policy). CCP has calculated sharply and the offers are real and without any hidden discount –surcharges.

The manager-owner Mathieu Rech trained as a grip at MAT, Germany and during this time he was instructed in the handling of camera cranes, remote systems and camera cars. He went on to complete a training course over several months in Los Angeles, USA. This knowledge made Mathieu the first grip technician and precision driver in Europe to have driven a “Shotmaker” camera car for 3 years.
The company CCP Camera Car Platforms has been running since 1997.