Camera Cars Pure! Tools of the trade - developed with the job in mind. CCP specialises in purpose-built work utility vehicles that meet the demands of the film industry/ filming.


The CCP Shotmaker-V10 is based on the chassis frame of the CCP SHARC ONE. The specially modified camera crane is securely mounted and its weight is evenly distributed on two fully air suspended and infinitely variable rear axles ensuring a smooth ride.


The CCP CAT_V (Camera All Terrain Vehicle) is purpose-built to realise moving shots under exceptional conditions. This vehicle, which is not suitable for audio recordings, is extremely manoeuvrable and relatively light, making the CCP CAT_V the perfect choice for working in confined spaces or on difficult terrain.


The CC-22 is the standard CC-20 model with lift-Axle, 330 Nm and a built-in Transvideo 10’’. These features make this concept-car a surfaced road specialist.


The 4-wheel drive CC-20 combines years of development and practical experience gathered in USA and Europe and meets all the demands on today’s European camera cars.


The guiding idea here was to couple the characteristics and easy handling of a Citroen 2CV with state of the art undercarriage and suspension components. The result is the practical and compact CCP E1.


Combining the chassis frame of the CCP SHARC ONE and the specially modified crane version SHARC V10, a special feature of the CCP Shotmaker-V11 is the extended reach of 1130 mm either forward or vertically.


The CCP Shotmaker-V4 is a further development of the CCP SHARC ONE combining it with the specially modified crane version SHARC V10. The unique feature of the V4 is the manned camera platform. Whether in motion or stationary, the all-terrain V4 is ready for action - quickly.