The guiding idea here was to couple the characteristics and easy handling of a Citroen 2CV
with state of the art undercarriage and suspension components. The result is the practical
and compact CCP E1.

The CCP E1 is the perfect choice for filming moving shots on a low time basis with minimal
technical material. Ideal for filming joggers in a park, cyclists on a cobbled street or 300 yards
of a couple walking and chatting.

The self-correcting height level setting makes time-consuming adjustments unnecessary
when changing the load and guarantees a smooth ride even on rough terrain.

The foldaway windscreen allows shooting in all directions.

 Length:4350 mm 
 Width:1500 mm 
 Minimum height:1100 mm 
 Permissible maximum weight:1800 kg 
 Engine power:20 KW 
 Maximum speed:80 km/h 
 Area pressure:114-300 kg/m3 

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