The CCP Shotmaker-V4 is a further development of the CCP SHARC ONE combining it with
specially modified crane version SHARC V10. The unique feature of the V4 is the manned
camera platform. Whether in motion or stationary, the all-terrain V4 is ready for action -

 Length:6300 mm 
 Width:2120 mm 
 Vehicle height:3200 mm 
 Weight:3200 kg 
 Engine power:112 kW 
 Maximum speed:100 km/h 
 Crane arm reach rear:5100 mm 
 Crane arm reach side:4600 mm 
 Crane arm reach forward:300 mm 
 Lens height:600-6700 mm 
 Load bearing capacity, in motion:140 kg 
 Load bearing capacity, stationary:250 kg 
 Mounting points:Euro adapter 
 48mm scaffold tube 

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