The specially developed undercarriage can be adjusted to
compensate the surface
conditions giving you consistently smooth moving shots every time.
An automatic
transmission system transfers the 240 Nm of the petrol engine to the
front and rear axles
making the CC9 ideal for snow, sand and muddy terrain; a reliable
and smooth
ride whether on a country lane or a race track.

There is ample working space in the roomy weather-protected
double cabin of the CC9 which has a built-in Transvideo 10

The CC9 is equipped with a powerful winch for assisted or self-

 Length:6300 mm 
 Width:2120 mm 
 Vehicle height:2330 mm 
 Weight:2400 kg 
 Engine power:112 kW 
 Maximum speed:130 km/h 
 Mounting points:Euro adapter 
 48mm scaffold tube