The CCP Shotmaker-V10 is based on the chassis frame of the CCP SHARC ONE. The
modified camera crane is securely mounted and its weight is evenly distributed on two fully
air suspended and infinitely variable rear axles ensuring a smooth ride.

The ratio of the crane’s radius to its weight makes the versatile CCP SHARC V10
flexible and it can be equipped with any Mitchell-based remote systems (MiniMote,
CamRemote, Libra, WesCam, Step-C etc.). A built-in control panel in the roomy, weather-
protected double cabin keeps the shoot-travel conversion time to a minimum.

The CCP Shotmaker-V10 has a built-in Transvideo 10“ monitor.

 Length:6300 mm 
 Width:2120 mm 
 Vehicle height:3200 mm 
 Weight:3150 kg 
 Engine power:112 kW 
 Maximum speed:100 km/h 
 Crane arm reach rear:5100 mm 
 Crane arm reach side:4600 mm 
 Crane arm reach forward:300 mm 
 Lens height:100-5850 mm 
 Mounting points:Euro adaptors 
 48mm scaffold tube 

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